in the Pursuit of Excellence

Through continuous improvement, custom solutions and outstanding service.

About Central Coated

We’re high performance specialty paper manufacturers. But first, we’re problem solvers.

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For nearly four decades as specialty paper manufacturers, we’ve come alongside our customers to help them achieve the highest levels of productivity and profitability possible. Our guiding focus throughout has been solving problems with custom solutions and continuous improvement. This emphasis on boosting profitability for our customers through problem-solving on their production lines has led to our core competencies: 

Specialty Paper Manufacturer Values

Core Values

We will conduct our business with the utmost honesty, integrity and high moral character. God's principles will guide and direct our relationships with others. We will act in a kind, courteous, respectful and empathetic manner.

  • We will pursue perfection and achieve excellence along the way.
  • We will develop and invest in our fellow employees and their families.
  • We will be generous and charitable towards our fellow employees and their respective communities.
  • We will celebrate success!
Specialty Paper Manufacturer Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to service our customers as a high performance specialty paper manufacturer by providing limitless solutions for real customer needs that yield profitability for CCP, our customers and our communities alike.

Specialty Paper Manufacturer Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a collaborative experience with our customers and our employees that drives continuous improvement by focusing on the details, letting the results speak for themselves.