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Your product needs to make it to your customer, period.

Anti-Slip Paper

A lot goes into your product. Your time, your money.

Some call it added costs, we call it insurance. Avoid the headache and costs of replacement products and freight claims. Reduce packaging materials such as stretch wrap and strapping. Lock your pallets together with anti-slip paper.

Imagine your customer opens the doors to the trailer delivering your product and your product is all over the bed of the trailer. It wasn’t your fault, but you get the phone call. You have to spend your time filing the freight claim and dealing with the rejected product. Don’t let it happen. Protect your pallets before they ship with anti-slip paper. 

The last thing you want is stacks of your product toppling to the ground. (Or, even worse, in the truck on the way to your customer). Our premium anti-slip paper can eliminate slippage, keeping your products from toppling, even if tilted over a 50⁰ angle. All from the specialists in high performance specialty papers.

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Anti-slip paper prevents slippage and locks your product together


High-Performance Converting Capabilities

If you can think of it, we can make it.


Precision Slitting


From narrow rolls with large diameters, to wide rolls with limited footage, we can handle a variety of jobs. Tell us what you need, we'll tell you we'll figure it out. 


Die Cutting

Die Cut Anti-Slip Paper

We can produce any custom shape you need. For starters; slit corners, rounded corners, holes, notches, circles, donut shapes, plus signs, ovals and circles down to 1".


Precision Sheeting and Cutting

Anti-Slip Paper Precision Sheeting and Cutting

We can cut any size, from 1 x 1” to large oversized sheets. Various packaging options available as well. Just let us know what you need!