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Your choice of paper says a lot about the quality of your product – don’t let it say the wrong thing.

Carnation® Food Service Wax Paper

Paper for Delis, Bakeries, Self Serve, Restaurants and More

No one wants to scrape the remains of your paper off of their baked good, sandwiches or deli meat. If your paper doesn’t help create the perception that your product is high quality, when a customer walks out the door that may be the last you ever see of them.

Central Coated’s Carnation® line of food service wax paper offers a wide range of premium papers for retail use, such as delis, butchers, bakeries, sandwich shops, restaurants and more. Whether you’re wrapping a sandwich, lining a basket for a burger and fries, stocking doughnuts, wrapping and freezing meats, baking desserts or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Carnation® food service wax paper in stock are available for immediate shipment. With an on time and order completion rate  near 100% year after year, you’ll know you can always trust us to come through when you need us.


Carnation® Food Service Wax Paper Products

Call 330-821-9830 for inquiries about our Carnation® food service wax papers or contact us with inquiries.

Carnation® Interfolded Paper

Carnation® Interfolded Paper

The Deli Paper, Deli Wrap and Bakery Tissue you use matters. It can shape your customers’ perception of you and your business. Quality paper means quality presentation, grease hold out and easy clean up.  

Stock Sizes and Grades Available

Carnation® Steak Paper

Carnation® Steak Paper

Quality steak paper makes a difference to your customers’ experience with your products. Steak paper from Central Coated is available in stock and custom-cut sizes and in colors including black, green, peach, pink and white.

Stock Sizes and Grades Available

Carnation® Dry Wax and Wet Wax

Carnation® Dry Wax and Wet Wax

Don’t hurt your customers’ perception of your product and restaurant by using cheap paper. Invest in quality paper that will give your customers the best experience possible.

Stock Sizes Available Available in Rolls and Sheets

Carnation® Pan Liner Paper

Carnation® Pan Liner Paper

From economic Value Bake solutions to multiple bake Silicone Coated Papers, we have what you need. Premium quality pan liner paper makes a difference before, during and after the oven.  

Stock Sizes and Grades Available in rolls and sheets

Carnation® Freezer Paper

Carnation® Freezer Paper

Your choice of freezer paper can be the difference between a New York Strip Steak and a messy disaster. Get consistent performance and quality freezer paper from Central Coated.

Available in rolls and sheets


Carnation® Patty Paper

Carnation® Patty Paper

Your customer notices when your patty paper doesn’t perform. Don’t let your customers dig bits of paper off of their patties. Avoid the stick by using Central Coated’s quality patty paper.

Stock Sizes: 5.5 x 5.5” & 4.75 x 5”

High-Performance Converting Capabilities

If you can think of it, we can make it.

Industrial Waxed Paper Precision Slitting

Precision Slitting


From narrow rolls with large diameters, to wide rolls with limited footage, we can handle a variety of jobs. Tell us what you need, we'll tell you we'll figure it out. 

Wax Paper Manufacturer Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Die Cut Anti-Slip Paper

We can produce any custom shape you need. For starters; slit corners, rounded corners, holes, notches, circles, donut shapes, plus signs, ovals and circles down to 1".

Wax Paper Manufacturer Precision Sheeting and Cutting

Precision Sheeting and Cutting

Anti-Slip Paper Precision Sheeting and Cutting

We can cut any size, from 1 x 1” to large oversized sheets. Various packaging options available as well. Just let us know what you need!