The Hidden Key to


Product Line Efficiencies

The right food processing wax paper can increase your output by decreasing costly downtime.

Food Processing Wax Paper

From Meat to Cheese to Dough, Your Paper Choices Impact Your Productivity and Customers’ Satisfaction.

Standard, off-the-shelf paper can only ever bring standard results to your food processing production lines.

You need food processing wax paper that perfectly fits your machines and applications; otherwise, jams shut down your line. You need increased capacity on your rolls of paper to maximize production runs; as little as 1" in extra roll diameter thickness can add 1,000' of paper, decreasing the number of costly changeovers and downtime while increasing running times. You need continuous improvement and speed on your lines to stay competitive.

And your customers have expectations too. They expect your paper to correctly release from the baked good or meat product without leaving paper stuck to the product. In fresh-to-frozen meats, like patties, they expect the paper to not freeze to the burger. They expect interleaving paper to adequately keep deli meats and cheeses from sticking together.

And if those expectations aren’t met, something as small as your choice of paper could dramatically hurt your bottom line.

Premium, high performance food processing wax paper, custom fit to your exact machines and applications, will save you money in-house while keeping your customers coming back for more.


1" in extra roll diameter can add 1000' of extra paper to the length of each roll


FT: 3,700'

FT: 5,700'

Food Processing Wax Paper Products

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Patty Paper

Patty Paper

Our high-performance patty paper is custom designed to your specific machine. From sheets cut to any shape and configuration, to rolls slit to the footage or diameter you need, we will help you fully realize the potential of your production line.

Sheet Fed Options: Suction-fed, belt-fed and gravity-fed equipment, as well as high release grades for fresh to frozen applications

Recommended Products: Dry-waxed, semi-waxed and MG options available

Paper shapes: Circle, square and octagon

Food Processing Paper Circle Shape Wax Paper Manufacturer Octagon Shape Wax Paper Manufacturer Octagon Shape Wax Paper Manufacturer Octagon Shape Wax Paper Manufacturer Square Shape Wax Paper Manufacturer Square Shape
Cheese Paper

Cheese Paper

Don’t settle for using the same sizes and footages of cheese interleaving paper as your competitors. Custom-run cheese paper, matched to your machines, will yield longer running times, decreasing change overs and downtime, adding profit to your bottom line.

Options Include: Large diameters, custom-run sizes, low-profile and no splice options 

Recommended Products: 32# cheese interleaver paper and dry-waxed paper

Bacon Paper

Bacon Paper

Keep your production lines moving with bacon paper that is sized to your specific needs.

Applications: Interleaving pre-cooked and raw bacon 

Available Products: Bacon layout paper and pre-cooked bacon paper available in various thicknesses. Oven-safe papers available

Meat Paper

Meat Paper

There are a variety of processing practices at each step in the meat supply chain. Central Coated carries papers for each stage, from papers for use in kill plants to those used for portion control, interleaving or wrapping finished product.

Industries Served: Poultry, beef, pork, sausage, cheesesteaks and plant based meat alternatives

Recommended Products: Dry-waxed, semi-waxed and waxed two sides

Pizza Crust/Dough Paper

Pizza Crust/Dough Paper

Your pizza or dough recipe is different from your competitors, so why use the same paper? Get pizza crust paper or dough paper customized to your exact specifications to improve the speed and consistency of your production lines.

Applications: Interleaving fresh, frozen and par-baked dough products

Recommended Products: Dry-waxed, semi-waxed, waxed two sides and oven-safe papers

Cookie Dough and Bakery Paper

Cookie Dough and Bakery Paper

From cookie dough to fresh baked cookies, your recipes are what set you apart from your competition. You should use a paper that is as custom to you as your recipes. Central Coated can make paper for you that best fits both your recipe and your production lines.

Options Include: Cookie dough interleaver paper and bakeable multi-use paper 

Common Grades: Dry-waxed, semi-waxed, waxed two sides and various oven-safe papers.

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Paper

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Paper

If you produce plant-based patties, meats or links, Central Coated has the paper options you need. From high wet strength to premium release, we customize rolls or sheets to match your machinery and process.

Applications: Interleave, underleave, portion control, high-release and cooking

Recommended Products: Dry-waxed, semi-waxed, waxed two sided and various oven-safe papers

High-Performance Converting Capabilities

If you can think of it, we can make it.


Precision Slitting


From narrow rolls with large diameters, to wide rolls with limited footage, we can handle a variety of jobs. Tell us what you need, we'll tell you we'll figure it out. 


Die Cutting

Die Cut Anti-Slip Paper

We can produce any custom shape you need. For starters; slit corners, rounded corners, holes, notches, circles, donut shapes, plus signs, ovals and circles down to 1".


Precision Sheeting and Cutting

Anti-Slip Paper Precision Sheeting and Cutting

We can cut any size, from 1 x 1” to large oversized sheets. Various packaging options available as well. Just let us know what you need!