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You can't afford damaged product. That's why you can't afford to use sub-standard industrial waxed paper.

Industrial Waxed Paper

Failing Paper Equals Damaged Products During Packaging and Shipping.

Abrasion protection. Moisture barrier. Interleaving. Grease and oil resistant. Release liner.

Whatever you paint, build, extrude or stack, it doesn’t take much to hurt it. Too much moisture or grease… parts shifting against each other…. Protect your products, and your profitability, with high performance specialty industrial waxed paper, custom designed to your exact application.

From wrapping to interleaving, your parts will stay protected. From moisture barriers to grease and oil resistance, products will retain as-built quality throughout the shipping process. From abrasion protection to clean release, parts will remain prepped for their intended use.

Whatever your application, our high performance industrial waxed paper products will get the job done, preserving your bottom line.

Just a handful of the industries and applications that use our products include:

  • Automotive: interleaving and wrapping components
  • Furniture: abrasion protection
  • Sign manufacturing: stacking and bulk packing signs
  • Powder coating: protecting finishes
  • Rubber extruding: release liners that work even at high temperatures
  • Flooring and cookware manufacturing: interleaving and packaging products

Contact us about your specific product needs. We’ll develop a custom solution that solves your problems, protects your products and preserves your profits.


Industrial Waxed Paper Products

Call 330-821-9830 for inquiries about our industrial waxed papers or contact us with inquiries.

Abrasion Protection Paper

Abrasion Protection Paper

Stop scratches with plastic-free solutions. Wax impregnated 100% recycled kraft papers are a perfect low-cost choice for protecting your wood, metal or painted surfaces.

Recommended Product: Dry Waxed Kraft

Release Liner Paper

Release Liner Paper

Keep your packaging and paper from leaving its mark. Nobody wants to spend time picking bits of paper from the surface of your product or from a stack of tape rolls that block together. Find the right silicone or waxed coated paper for a clean peel, leaving nothing behind.

Common grades: Silicone Liners, Waxed Two Sides, Waxed One Side

Moisture Barrier Paper

Moisture Barrier Paper

Moisture moves. Stop it from moving into your product and ruining all your hard work. Fully waxed grades keep moisture where it belongs, off of your product.

Recommended Products: Waxed Two Sides Kraft, Waxed One Side Kraft


Grease and Oil Resistant Paper

Grease and Oil Resistant Paper

Keep grease and oil where it belongs, on your parts, tools or blades, not soaking into your packaging.

Recommended Products: Waxed Two Sides Kraft, Waxed One Side Kraft


Pallet Liner

Pallet Liner

Line your pallets with paper that protects. Pallets can hold moisture. Stop that moisture from wicking into your packaging and product with our waxed one and two-sided grades. Keep moisture where it belongs. Off of your products and out of your packaging.

Recommended Products: Waxed Two Sides Kraft, Waxed One Side Kraft, anti-slip coated grades available

High-Performance Converting Capabilities

If you can think of it, we can make it.

Industrial Waxed Paper Precision Slitting

Precision Slitting


From narrow rolls with large diameters, to wide rolls with limited footage, we can handle a variety of jobs. Tell us what you need, we'll tell you we'll figure it out. 

Wax Paper Manufacturer Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Die Cut Anti-Slip Paper

We can produce any custom shape you need. For starters; slit corners, rounded corners, holes, notches, circles, donut shapes, plus signs, ovals and circles down to 1".

Wax Paper Manufacturer Precision Sheeting and Cutting

Precision Sheeting and Cutting

Anti-Slip Paper Precision Sheeting and Cutting

We can cut any size, from 1 x 1” to large oversized sheets. Various packaging options available as well. Just let us know what you need!